Internet Consultancy & E-commerce Case Studies

Please browse the case studies below to get a feel for how we work with our customers and the kind of results we help them achieve.

Ace Lamps

We have worked with Ace Lamps over the past 3 years. The key achievements within this time are:

  • Redevelopment of e-commerce website into a robust and scalable system
  • Focused consultancy and development to build online profits
  • SEO consultancy
  • Affiliation selection and setup
  • Website hosting and technical support

Visit some of the Ace Lamps websites:

Internet-dept has partnered DoubleGlazingOnTheWeb for 5 years in which time their web business has grown substantially. We have assisted them in all areas of web development and internet marketing over this period.

We recently consulted on the specification, design and technical development of their new website which has received positive response across the industry and from users.

We have worked particulalry hard on the SEO for this site, and have acheived a 24% improvement in the last 12 months. We have achieved number 2 ranking in Google under the phrase double glazing (6/10/2010) and are improving the performance on a number of other ‘generic phrases’

We have also expanded the ‘OnTheWeb’ brand with the recent launch of